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We are excited to share with you that the journals of the American Chemical Society (ACS) recorded a new level of prominence in 2021 in recently released citation metrics reported by Web of Science Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR) from Clarivate.

Here are some handpicked highly cited articles from the ACS Publications Journals with an impressive performance in the year 2021.

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ACS Central Science:  A fully open access multidisciplinary journal highlighting the seminal role of chemistry in a wide range of other scientific disciplines.
Editor-in-Chief: Carolyn R. Bertozzi
Impact Factor 2020: 14.553 | Citations 2020: 11097 | CiteScore 2020: 17.6
Tamal Das, Siddharth Ghule, Kumar Vanka*
Sanjay Pal, Nihal Medatwal, Sandeep Kumar, Animesh Kar, Varsha Komalla, Prabhu Srinivas Yavvari, Deepakkumar Mishra, Zaigham Abbas Rizvi, Shiv Nandan, Dipankar Malakar, Manoj Pillai, Amit Awasthi, Prasenjit Das, Ravi Datta Sharma, Aasheesh Srivastava, Sagar Sengupta, Ujjaini Dasgupta*, and Avinash Bajaj*
ACS Omega: An open access multidisciplinary journal focused on new findings in chemistry and interfacing areas of science, without any perceived evaluation of immediate impact.
Editors-in-Chief: Krishna Ganesh, Deqing Zhang
Impact Factor 2020: 3.512 | Citations 2020: 23,258 | CiteScore 2020: 3.9
Ankur Kumar, Brooke Liang, Murali Aarthy, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Neha Garg, Indira U. Mysorekar, and Rajanish Giri*
Biochemistry: A journal for publishing exceptional, rigorous, high-impact research across all of biological chemistry.
Editor-in-Chief: Alanna Schepartz
Impact Factor 2020: 3.162 | Citations 2020: 76,745 | CiteScore 2020: 5.5
Abhishek Narayan, Kabita Bhattacharjee, and Athi N. Naganathan*
ACS Chemical Biology: A suitable platform for the rapid communication of research that broadly embraces the interface between chemistry and biology.
Editor-in-Chief: Laura L. Kiessling
Impact Factor 2020: 5.100 | Citations 2020: 16,023 | CiteScore 2020: 7.6
Somanathapura K. NaveenKumar, Bidare N. SharathBabu, Mahadevappa Hemshekhar, Kempaiah Kemparaju*, Kesturu S. Girish*, and Govindasamy Mugesh*
Eshan Khan, Arpita Tawani, Subodh Kumar Mishra, Arun Kumar Verma, Arun Upadhyay, Mohit Kumar, Rajat Sandhir, Amit Mishra, and Amit Kumar*
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A: Publishes research on physical chemistry of molecules, clusters and aerosols.
Editor-in-Chief: Joan-Emma Shea | Deputy Editor: T. Daniel Crawford  
Impact Factor 2020: 2.781 | Citations 2020: 63,916 | CiteScore 2020: 4.5
Debdutta Chakraborty and Pratim Kumar Chattaraj*
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B: A suitable destination for studies on biophysics, liquids and soft matter.
Editor-in-Chief: Joan-Emma Shea | Deputy Editor: Martin Zanni
Impact Factor 2020: 2.991 | Citations 2020: 111,523 | CiteScore 2020: 5.1
Sayan Ganguly, Poushali Das, Priti Prasanna Maity, Subhadip Mondal, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Santanu Dhara, and Narayan Ch. Das*
Durba Sengupta*, Xavier Prasanna, Madhura Mohole, and Amitabha Chattopadhyay*
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C: A journal specializing on the broad discipline of energy, materials and catalysis.
Editor-in-Chief: Joan-Emma Shea | Deputy Editor: Gregory Hartland
Impact Factor 2020: 4.126 | Citations 2020: 167,398 | CiteScore 2020: 7.1
Jaya Pal*, Amit Bhunia, Sudip Chakraborty, Suman Manna, Shyamashis Das, Anweshi Dewan, Shouvik Datta*, and Angshuman Nag*
Barun Ghosh, Shivam Puri, Amit Agarwal, and Somnath Bhowmick*
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